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Prevent Porch Piracy



Neighbors Helping Neighbors

BoxPal provides a means for neighbors to create their own networks of trusted individuals to take delivery, pick up, safeguard, and re-deliver packages and parcels for which the intended recipients desire safekeeping.

On-line purchasing has brought about the unintended consequence of front porch piracy. According to CNBC, “an estimated 36% of Americans have had a package stolen from outside their home at least once”. Front porch piracy is costly for on-line retailers as well as consumers. According to smart-locker retailer Smiota, “the average value of stolen packages is $140”.

The problem posed by front porch piracy has become so prevalent that on-line retailers like Amazon, have resorted to unusual methods such as Amazon Key which essentially provides delivery personnel access to peoples’ homes.

BoxPal LLC provides an alternative solution. Through the use of the free app, e-commerce shoppers to connect with their neighbors to arrange any of the following:

  • Picking up and safeguarding delivered packages: The act performed by a Trusted Neighbor in response to a request from a Package Recipient which specifically entails picking up a delivered package at Package Recipient’s address, as well as keeping these safe and secure.

  • Re-delivering packages: The act performed by a Trusted Neighbor of delivering a previously picked up package to a Package Recipient’s registered address.

  • Receiving packages: This feature is not yet available.

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Earn money as a Trusted Neighbor

On-line shoppers who are expecting to receive packages while they are away from their homes can download the free app and register by providing their address and credit card information. Once they register, app users can see other registered neighbors and select the ones they choose to trust with the safekeeping of their packages. Once they have selected a Trusted Neighbor, Package Recipients can send a request for pick up and re-delivery, specifying time for re-delivery. At this time, the Package Recipient submits a payment to the app. The payment remains in a pending status until the package is re-delivered to the Package Recipient.  The app then notifies the Trusted Neighbor of the pending request via text message to his or her registered mobile device, i.e. cell phone/ mobile device.  The Trusted Neighbor accepts the request and responds though the app, which notifies the Package Recipient via text message. The Trusted Neighbor responding to the request is expected to pick-up the package within 15 minutes of accepting the request.  When Trusted Neighbor has picked up the package, he or she notifies the app, which in turn notifies the Package Recipient via text. The Trusted Neighbor re-delivers the package at the pre-specified time at the Package Recipient’s home. When it is re-delivered, the Package Recipient notifies the app. At this time, the payment is processed and the Trusted Neighbor receives payment electronically from BoxPal LLC.

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Choose your Trusted Neighbor

The BoxPal App is an innovative initiative to get neighbors to assist one another. Surely, neighbors already assist one another from time to time. However, on-line shopping continues to grow. In fact, according to WordStream, “On average, two in five US consumers (41%) receive one to two packages from Amazon per week”. This commerce volume requires more than neighborly cooperation. It requires a formal agreement among neighbors who work with each other to prevent front porch piracy. The BoxPal App represents an ideal means to formalize and coordinate these interactions. The BoxPal App provides income opportunities for registered users who serve as Trusted Neighbors.